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A. R. Valgorth

Aldo Valgorth Requena

Aldo ‘Valgorth’ Requena is known for his surreal art and depictions of deformities. He creates his works through a detailed process that combines traditional techniques with modern technology. Valgorth’s art explores themes such as cosmic dread, human disintegration, unusual biology, and the unknown. He rejects classical norms to create something new and unconventional. He describes his work as “a violation of the order of nature; a degradation of the human flesh and mind.”

Valgorth’s work has been featured in books, albums, public events, exhibitions, advertising, and film. He created the artwork and texts for the Necronomicon book used in the Argentine movie “Necronomicon” (2017). Another notable work is the series of paintings titled “Limbo Reflections From The Void”, presented at the Vortex Exhibition in Portugal (2021). He has also composed a large body of work that takes Lovecraft’s cosmic darkness and nihilism to great lengths, portraying a sinister and hostile view toward humanity.

In addition to his paintings, Valgorth also works in the music, publishing, and entertainment industries through his creative firm Hammerblaze.

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