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Yulia Mamontova

Юлия Забродина (Мамонтова)

Yulia Vladimirovna Mamontova (Zabrodina) is a contemporary Russian artist.

Yulia Mamontova is the great-granddaughter of the Russian merchant Vasily Mamontov, who continued the family business of the XVIII-XIX centuries in trade and delivery of goods from England to Arkhangelsk and the Urals on the Mezen river. She took the family name for a pseudonym, inspired by the history of her family.

Lives and works in Moscow, Russia.

Member of the International Encaustic Artists (IEA)
Member of The Eurasian Art Union (EAU)

An artist Yulia Mamontova in her works combines the best traditions of the classical Russian school of painting, Western techniques and conceptual presentation and she works in two directions: classical oil painting and decorative-applied art “encaustic” (an ancient method of painting with hot beeswax with pigments).

The study of the traditions and arts of different countries, the love of history and the continuous search for new images give the artist the opportunity to study life in all its forms and transfer this experience to others, reflecting it in her paintings. The ability to notice details and be open to the world allows the artist to transfer the most subtle nuances of the atmosphere to the canvas, therefore both abstract and realistic paintings by Yulia Mamontova fill the viewer with a sincere love of life. They also inspire to get acquainted with the origins and history. It is just one of the main themes of Yulia’s work – the revival of cultures and art from different eras, the popularization of forgotten knowledge.

In 2004, Yulia Mamontova received a diploma from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) from the faculty of International Economic Relations with honors, but found her true path in art:
In 2019 she graduated from Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov (Moscow, Russia)
In 2019 she completed the refresher course “Encaustic” at the Otis College of Art and Design (Los Angeles, USA)
In 2015, she studied at the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (London, UK).


Yulia Mamontova’s works have been exhibited at Rev. Jorge A. Sardiñas Gallery in St. Thomas University’s (Miami Gardens, Florida, USA), The Museum of the Heroes of the Soviet Union and Russia (Moscow), The State Fashion Museum (Gostiny Dvor, Moscow), The Gustav Mahler Museum (Jihlava, Czech Republic) and many other venues in Russia and abroad. The paintings are also in private collections in Russia, Greece, the United States, and Saudi Arabia.

2020, November – 2021, February. The exhibition “The World through the Eyes of the Artist”, Rev. Jorge A. Sardiñas Gallery in St. Thomas University’s (Miami Gardens, Florida, USA)
2020, August – September. The exhibition «Floral myths of Hellas», Russian Art Museum (Moscow, Russia)
2019, November. «Arts & Crafts Show» exhibition-fair, Huntington Beach (California, USA)
2020, August. Personal charity exhibition «Honey Spas». 22, Tverskaya Street (Moscow, Russia)
2015, Personal exhibition «Vernissage. Birth of a masterpiece». Gallery-Workshop “MARGO” (Moscow, Russia).

2020, July. International Encaustic Artists – The first international juried exhibition in digital magazine format «Vignettes in Wax and Words».
2020, July. Artbox. Project Zurich 2.0
2020, June – October. The first Russia-based International online exhibition&competition «Encaustic.Today»
2020, May. Contemporary Art Gallery Online. Art Exhibition & Competition «ALL PLANET EARTH THEME»
2020, May. The exhibition “My immortal regiment”, The Battle of Borodino Panorama Museum (Moscow, Russia)
2020, April. International exhibition&competition «Golden Time Talent United Kingdom Award 2020», the first place in the category «Painting»
2020, March. Art fair of objects of author’s art. Exhibition hall of the Union of Abstract Artists of Russia (Moscow, Russia)
2020, February. Art exhibition “Memory”. «Listok» State Gallery (Moscow, Russia)
2020, February. International exhibition and competition of contemporary art “Czech Art Weeks. Century of realism”, The third place in genre painting/oil. Gustav Mahler Museum (Jihlava, Czech Republic)
2020, January. The exhibition “Century of the Manor”. Cultural and exhibition complex of the manor “Znamenskoe-Gubaylovo” (Krasnogorsk, Russia)
2019, December. International competition, exhibition and fair of contemporary art “Talent of Russia”, The first place in the competition «Painting». Architecture. Gostiny Dvor (Moscow, Russia)
2019, December. Cine Magic, Art Emporium Gallery (Miami, USA)
2019, November. 8th Moscow international Biennale of Contemporary Art, #Butfly project. Central Exhibition Hall«Fashion Museum», Gostiny Dvor (Moscow, Russia)
2019, November. International exhibition and competition Italian Art Week 2019. The II place. Palazzo Capitaniale (Sicily, Italy)
2019, October. «Particle of the Earth» exhibition, Otis College of Art and Design (Los Angeles, USA)
2019, June. Art Week in Denmark (Copenhagen, Denmark)
2018, November. VI ArtFestival «The World through the eyes of students from MGIMO» (Moscow, Russia)
2018, April. All-Russian festival of poetry and arts «Art poetry». The II place. Exhibition center of The Moscow Academic Lyceum of Fine Arts at the Russian Academy of Arts (MAHL RAKH) (Moscow, Russia)
2017, May. Art Week Slovenia (Slovenia)
2017, June. Basel / The Artbox.Projects 1.0 (Basel, Switzerland)
2017, XXII International exhibition and competition of contemporary art Russian Art Week. The first place in the international competition of avant-garde art in the category «Futurism».
2017, International exhibition and competition of portrait art «Art Portrait Club International Festival». The III place in the international competition of decorative and applied arts.
2016, V Art Exhibition «The World through the eyes of students from MGIMO» (Moscow, Russia).


Artist of the year in the International Art & Business Awards 2019 by Women’s Time magazine.
The first place in the international exhibition-competition «Talent of Russia 2019» / Painting. Architecture, 2019, Gostiny Dvor (Moscow, Russia).
Winner of the II degree in the category of decorative and applied arts in the «Russian art award 2019», Gostiny Dvor (Moscow, Russia).
The first place in the International exhibition-competition «Festival of Abstraction»/Encaustic, 2018. Central House of Artists, Kuznetsky most (Moscow, Russia).
The first place in the XXII International exhibition-competition “Russian Art Week 2017” / avantgarde art / Futurism, 2017. Central House of Artists, Kuznetsky most (Moscow, Russia).


A special place in the creative biography of Yulia Mamontova is occupied by charity. The artist holds individual exhibitions and participates in charity projects in support of those who need help:
2020, Master class on non-traditional technique «Encaustic» for children of an orphanage (Vladimir region, Russia).
2019, Charity exhibition within the framework of the fair «Arts & Crafts Show». All proceeds from the sale of paintings were donated to orphaned children from a tribe in Peru (Huntington beach, USA).
2019, Personal charity exhibition of encaustic «Honey spas». Fundraising for the operation of screenwriter Egor Kondratev together with the Gosha Kutsenko Foundation «Life with cerebral palsy» (Moscow, Russia).
2016, Charity auction as a part of the evening of pianist Yuriy Rozum. The proceeds from the sale of the painting were transferred to the Yuriy Rozum International Charitable Foundation for comprehensive support of musically gifted children (Moscow, Russia).


"Perhaps, It may sound a little corny and naive, but my main goal in art and in life is to change the world for the better. And I do it my own special way.

In my works, I show how important history and traditions are for the contemporary world and its transformation. I successfully use both classical methods and materials of painting (oil paints, canvases), and non-traditional ones – multilayering, collage techniques, wax paints and even hot tools, thanks to which I create textured surfaces on a variety of bases – from wood to metal.

One of the main themes of my work is the revival of the lost. The source of this motif is the history of my family. My ancestors once fought for the development and preservation of Russian culture. It was the study of archives and information about that time that led me to think about the phenomenon of the Renaissance.

It is impossible to plunge into this question without studying history. History is a cyclical process in which periods of decline are replaced by periods of recovery. This science has a significant influence on my work and the study of traditions and cultures of different countries inspires me to create new works.

The history of individual States, cities, generations and the entire world in general includes periods of decline and formation. In my works, I convey this theme, for example, through the prism of architecture, which always reflects its era, but doesn’t always retain its original appearance and often undergoes changes to be reborn in a new incarnation.

The theme of cyclical history is also reflected in the techniques that I am interested in. Creating my paintings, I restore forgotten knowledge, popularize ancient painting techniques, such as encaustic painting and painting on metals.
Studying history and origins, understanding their influence and role are important topics in many areas, including painting.

I see my global mission as promoting the revival of cultures and art from different eras. A successful combination of contemporary and ancient techniques, their harmonious synthesis is my way to change the world for the better. I’m sure this mission is possible".

Los Angeles
Julia relies in her work on such eminent artists: Pamela Smith Hudson (Los Angeles, USA) and Sanjiev Dmitry (Moscow, Russia)

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