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Portrait of Captain Coram

William Hogarth

Portrait of Captain Coram

William Hogarth
  • Date: 1740
  • Style: Rococo
  • Genre: portrait
  • Media: oil, canvas
  • Dimensions: 147.5 x 239 cm
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Portrait of Captain Thomas Coram is a 1740 portrait of philanthropist Thomas Coram painted by William Hogarth. The portrait, which represents Hogarth’s highest achievement in direct portraiture, was not created as a commission and was instead donated to Coram's Foundling Hospital. The portrait is divided into two sections: The left side represents Coram's sea ventures, a major source of his wealth. The right side shows a curtain pulled over a mother figure with a child/

The painting is now in the collection of London's Foundling Museum.

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