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Construction. G's Finger

Stanley Pinker

This started off as a rectangular painting with the two wire figures cycling on a spiralling road to nowhere. I later added the arched section surmounted by the gloved hand and celestial sphere. Painted in the mid-1980s when the sticker proclaiming 'I love etc' was to be seen everywhere - it became meaningless and banal through overuse. A stencil on the front green figure proclaims 'I love life' while the person sharing the ride states 'I hate it'. The viper with a little devil's head says 'It is hell'. Overlooking this unsatisfactory state of affairs is a Checkers plastic bag on which 'God' has been stencilled over 'Checkers'. The universe of these creatures is littered with floating plastic debris. (Although there is a certain vulgarity to plastic, it can be very beautiful when it is transformed by the sea or sun and the surfaces become scratched and dull, I 'found' pieces.) Who knows where these squabbling figures will end up as they whirl inwards in a polluted world.

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