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Construction. All Balls and no mystery

Stanley Pinker

This work, intended to be humorous, is about sport though it may not appear so. On the 'playing field,' the green section textured with sand, is a little notice saying 'Hallowed Ground' which describes an attitude to sport fields. I found the tin boot on a beach, and kept it for a future 'construction'- it is such a wonderful object. I bought the miniature plastic soccer balls. It is obvious what the combination of the boot and the balls is about! The little screen behind the rugby goal post says 'Pleasure Market', a derogatory statement, as sport has become another market-place. The orange plastic semi-circle was also a found object, as were the blue 'palm' trees. The extended front section of the field, with the small rugby ball attached, folds into the main assemblage.

The title - 'All balls and no mystery' - is, sadly, my cynical but humorous attitude to sport, which has been given weighty prominence by South African society. For instance, on the news bulletin there is ten minutes on sport and we hear about Frikkie who has broken his ankle and might not go to Australia, while the world about us is falling apart. That the healing of Frikkie X's sprained ankle should be considered a topic of national concern!

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