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Sandro Chia

Sandro Chia

Sandro Chia is an Italian painter and sculptor. A native of Florence, he was a key member of the Italian Transavanguardia movement, along with fellow countrymen Francesco Clemente, Mimmo Paladino, Nicola De Maria, and Enzo Cucchi. The movement was at its peak during the 1980s and was part of a wider movement of Neo-Expressionist painters around the world.

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Sandro Chia (born 20 April 1946) is an Italian painter and sculptor.

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  • Courageous Boys at Work, 1981 www.nationalgalleries.org
  • Athletes, 1988
  • Bacco, ?
  • Bread and Wine, ?
  • Figure avec Arbre, ?
  • Kiss, ?
  • Muro di volti, 2005
  • Nicht for Richt, 1984
  • Painter with Sons and Frog, 1984
  • Portrait of a painter and his dog, ?
  • Reciprocal Dream, 1999
  • Red Figure, 2006
  • Resting Among Flying Colors, 1999
  • Table of Peace, 2003
  • The Idleness of Sisyphus, 1981
  • The Story of All Stories, 1999
  • Untitled - Portrait with Flowers, 1989
  • Water Bearer, ?