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Evening, engraved by Welby Sherman

Samuel Palmer

Evening, engraved by Welby Sherman

Samuel Palmer
  • Date: 1834
  • Style: Romanticism
  • Genre: genre painting
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This print was taken from an oil by Palmer which is now untraced. In the second state, it bears the lines from the seventeenth- century poet John Milton: 'EVENING LATE, BY THEN THE CHEWING FLOCKS/ HAD TA'EN THEIR SUPPERS OF THE SAVOURY HERB/ OF KNOT-GRASS DEW-BESPENT'. Palmer mentions the print in a letter to George Richmond dated 14 October, 1834. He writes that he would be 'much obliged if ... you would let the little mezzotint flock hang up somewhere where it can be seen as it might be of some service to Sherman or myself who are both at present pinched by a most unpoetical & unpastoral kind of poverty'.

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