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Paisaje de Toledo

Rubén de Luis

Paisaje de Toledo

Rubén de Luis
  • Date: 2022; Miraflores De La Sierra, Spain  
  • Style: Impressionism
  • Theme: Paisajes
  • Genre: landscape
  • Media: oil, canvas
  • Dimensions: 34 x 45 cm

A sunrise landscape in the city of Toledo and the sun, still like a small point on the horizon, holds our gaze and the diffuse lights begin to illuminate the view of this magnificent city that pictorially has everything an artist could wish for. From this part of the Tagus River, on the other side of the Powder Towers Footbridge, you can see one of the most spectacular landscapes in Toledo.

And that's why I wanted to paint this painting in a not very large format but that gathers the city on the hill in ocher, orange and somewhat pinkish tones. The walkway can be seen with some red lines with its posts on each side.

It owes its name to the fact that the old weapons factory was located on the side of the city and on the other side of the river the magazine where they were kept.

The sky, this time with a horizontal brushstroke, is made up of very soft shades of pinkish tones and a little gray in the lower part, while in the area there is something of a light blue tone.

The waters of the river go down with foam and in them some colors of the sky are reflected. All surrounded by vegetation of brown, dark green colors not yet sufficiently illuminated by daylight. An instant of the transition day may be the most complex to paint but also those that gather an unusual beauty as they last very little.

This painting can undoubtedly recall the work done by Aureliano de Beruete as well as by the Spanish painters of the turn of the XIX-XX centuries, both in its brushwork and in the concept and composition since I cannot deny the influence on my painting of such great artist.

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