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44th Wire Piece

Richard Tuttle

44th Wire Piece

Richard Tuttle
  • Date: 1972
  • Style: Minimalism
  • Genre: sculpture
  • Media: pencil, wire

44th Wire Piece is part of a series of 48 wire works that reflects Richard Tuttle’s thinking about the relationships between drawing and sculpture. To install the work, Tuttle enters a meditative state in order to recall the length and width of the line necessary to create a given piece. After drawing that line in one fluid motion directly on the wall, he then unspools a filament of florist wire, anchoring one end to the drawn line’s point of origin with a small nail. Tuttle traces the line’s trajectory with the wire filament, fastening its other end to the wall at the end of the line. The final work is a line that exists in three dimensions, with the shadow cast by the wire making a third linear element.

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