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Self-portrait in at the Age of 63


Self-portrait in at the Age of 63

  • Date: 1669
  • Style: Baroque, Tenebrism
  • Genre: self-portrait, tronie
  • Media: oil, canvas
  • Dimensions: 70.5 x 86 cm
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Self-Portrait at the Age of 63 is a self-portrait by the Dutch artist Rembrandt, now in the National Gallery, London. Dating to 1669, it was the last in his long series of self-portraits, and painted in the year of his death. Despite the closeness of his death, Rembrandt makes an impression of a self-assured and confident artist.

The painting was investigated by the scientists of the National Gallery in London. Rembrandt employed his usual rather limited palette of lead white, ochres and red lakes.

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