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The Triumph of Galatea


The Triumph of Galatea

  • Date: 1512
  • Style: High Renaissance
  • Genre: mythological painting
  • Media: fresco
  • Tag: Galatea
  • Dimensions: 295 x 225 cm
  • Order Oil Painting

Raphael completed this work for the Villa Farnesina, a suburban Renaissance villa in Rome in 1512. The Farnesina was built by one of the richest men of the early Renaissance, Agostini Chigi, who was a banker. This was the only painting of Greek mythology that Raphael painted, the story of the Nereid Galatea, who had fallen in love with a peasant shepherd, Acis. Galatea’s consort, after finding the two lovers in an embrace, killed Acis by throwing a giant pillar at him. Although Raphael’s painting is based off of the story, it does not illustrate any of the actual events of the story.

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