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Princess Sibylle of Prussia

Sibylle Prinzessin von Preußen

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Princess Sibylle of Prussia was born in 1952 at Berlin, Germany Studies in Humane Sciences and Fine Arts (Berlin/New York).

RECOGNITIONS, GRANTS: 1978 Honour Prize of the German Center for Addiction Issues (DHS ) for the development of help-to-selfhelp-projects including fine arts, theatre and dance|1988 Grant for Fine Arts, Senate of Cultural Affaires, City of Berlin Germany|1995 artist-in-residence, Institute for Advanced Study Berlin – Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin, Germany |1997 The Mishkenot Sha´ananim Encounters Jerusalem | 2015 Aquisitions on the recommendation of the Visual Arts Funding Commission of the city of Berlin.

SELECTED PROJECTS: 2012 Book: „Frederick the Great – On respectful behavior towards animals“. (with Prince Frederick William of Prussia) MatrixMediaVerlag |2012 „Solange wir zu zweit sind-As long as we are together“, 15-part reading, in rbb-Radio Kultur|2008 memorial Berlin|2006 Book: „Frederick the Great – The passion of the King“ (with Prince of Prussia) Siedler Verlag-RandomHouse | 2004 „Homage to Ferdinand Braun“, silkscreen on glass for the entrancehall of Leibniz Institute Berlin|2000 „The African Burial Ground“ Competition, City of New York|1999 art in architecture for the entrancehall of The Association of Berlin Merchants and Industrialists (VBKI) |1999 art in architecture for the entrancehall of Dexia Hypothekenbank Berlin|1999 „Welcome to Berlin“ Logo for Germany´s Diplomatic Club based in the Federal Foreign Office|1999 „Correspondence“ (with François Morellet) art in architecture for the executive floor of Dexia Hypothekenbank Berlin |1997 Art in architecture for the mainhall “Mosaic-hall” of Siemens AG Berlin |1995 Holocaust Memorial, competition with Prof. Dr. Georg Kohlmaier Berlin |1994 Atrium Haus der Schweiz, competition, 2. place|1992 Phoenix painting for Villa von der Heydt, residence of the president of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation Berlin|1988 „Sibylle“ Video with and by Rainer Fetting |1979 – 1982 Film-/Broadcastingprojects with Jörg van Hooven |1979 Conception for interior construction “House in Ruhwaldparc” Berlin with Prof. Manfred Manleitner.

SELECTED EXHIBITIONS: 2015 Collection Stiftung Stadtmuseum Berlin|2015 Nominated artist for Losito Art Prize |2014 Positions Berlin-Art Week (with Norvin Leineweber) KunstBüroBerlin|2013 MBS Potsdam (with Gabriela von Habsburg)|2012 Scope Basel (with Max Wechsler) KunstBüroBerlin|2012 Museum Mühlenhaupt, Germany|2012 Edition LUMAS| 2010 “Luise” (with Julia Theek, Moritz Götze) Galerie Kunstkontor Potsdam | 2009 “Geschöpfe-creatures” (mit Marta Klonowska) lorch+seidel galerie Berlin|2009 “The royal rabbit” (with Tomi Ungerer) Haus am Lützowplatz Berlin|2000 and 1995 The Institute for Advanced Study Berlin|1997 Investitionsbank Berlin|1996 Boukamel Gallery London|1996 Raab Galerie Berlin|1996 Ratner Gallery Chicago|1993 Raab-Boukamel Gallery London, GB|1991 Stadtmuseum Weimar, Germany|1984 Pietra Santa Fine Arts, New York.
2018 Gallery Valentien, Stuttgart - 2018 Palace of Youth Creativity, Tashkent - 2017 So Art, Casablanca - 2016 Verband Kommunaler Unternehmen (VKU), Berlin

SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2015 and 2013 PHOEBUS Rotterdam Gallery, NL |2012 Palais Lichtenau, Potsdam, Germany|2009 Austrian Embassy Berlin |2007 Minerva Kutschstall, Haus der Brandenburgisch-Preußischen Geschichte Potsdam | 2005 Art Miami, 2004 Chicago Contemporary & Classic, lorch+ seidel galerie | 2004 – 1999 “Absolut secret”, The Royal College of Art, London|1999 Contemporary Arts Forum, Santa Barbara, USA |1996 Kulturforum Berlin|1995 Neuer Berliner Kunstverein|1991 Stadtmuseum Weimar, Germany| 1990 Kunstszene Berlin, Berlinische Galerie|1990 Latvian artists assoc., Riga, Moskau, Tiflis|1987 Abs Haus, Deutsche Bank Hamburg, Germany |1985 Dallas Museum Benefit Show.
2019 Kuppelsaal Käthe-Kollwitz-Museum Berlin, 2019 Ars Sacrow, Schloss Sacrow

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