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The sun is setting down on me - And I am going home for nothing

Pratap Singh

The sun is setting down on me - And I am going home for nothing

Pratap Singh
  • Date: 2018
  • Style: Abstract Art, Minimalism
  • Genre: abstract
  • Media: acrylic, canvas
  • Dimensions: 152.4 x 152.4 cm

Every fleeting evening, carries within it, its own lilting sadness, which without saying a thing sometimes has the capacity to express it all. The transient evening dribbled in the colours - yellow, orange and mild rose, somewhere has the capacity to prod the waves of our internal feelings, which have the capacity to quieten a human being for a brief moment. the birds then again return to home much like the humans and by and by the twilight of evening turns into the dark of the night. This painting tries to express the sorrow of an evening that is evanescent, it expresses a sense of despondency in which there is no mourning, no tears, and yet it has the capacity to quieten us. It is this very quietness, that has been rendered through the yellow and orange colours in the painting. Its minimal form seeks to evoke these hidden qualities of adornment and innocence within us and establish the relationship that a human has with himself and nature. The painting is like a medium that connects human emotions with nature. A relation which breaks apart in a moment and then we hopefully wait for reunion of sorts from the next day onwards. Such waiting is perhaps the meaning of our life which, in turn, keeps us going. The painting is premised upon the philosophy of pacifism and optimism which has a potential to take the life of human civilization towards better tomorrow, for sure.

Keywords – Theosophy, Buddhism, essentialism, peace, spirituality, non - objective – Substance, abstract art, nature, love, kindness, humanity, meditative, contemplative, yellow-orange colour composition, soul searching ,calmness, pacifism, silence, sunset , Zen, transcendentalism, color-field, abstract,minimalism

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