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Nature - when time stood still

Pratap Singh

Nature - when time stood still

Pratap Singh
  • Original Title: nature - when time stood still
  • Date: 2020
  • Style: Lyrical Abstraction, Minimalism
  • Genre: abstract
  • Media: oil, canvas
  • Dimensions: 111.76 x 81.28 cm

Nature in itself has poetry interwoven into it. Every dawn draws towards a twilight which in turn surrenders to the darkness of the night and it all comes a full circle as a new dawn breaks in again. The quintessential colours of the natural world remain forever enmeshed as though melted in moments through time. The elongated pause of the morn which in itself has the songs of the birds sewn into it. The sky strewn with the shades and flavours of oranges and yellows, looks as though the sun itself set upon painting the sky for those brief stolen moments. Every one of those myriad stolen moments spent in the lap of nature provides succour and offers a landscape to peer within and in these moments it feels as though time has stood still or perhaps it is we who have flown into a timeless space. that moment becomes gravid with spirituality, a moment in which materiality, loses its essence, loses its very meaning, in the silence within which time inhabits. This piece of artwork strives to spiritually blend in the relationship of man with nature and to illumine the inner being of man through the potent power of art. This artwork, in many senses, is influenced by thoughts inscribed within Indian philosophy and Indian classical music and through the medium of colours this painting creates a meditative milieu in which time, space and stillness are evoked on the canvas. There is a hope that much like nature which is the inspiration behind this artwork, this painting would evoke feelings without resorting to words.

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