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Landsacpe IV

Pratap Singh

Landsacpe IV

Pratap Singh
  • Date: 2021
  • Style: Abstract Art
  • Genre: landscape
  • Media: watercolor, paper
  • Dimensions: 50.8 x 101.6 cm

There are infinite number of scenes in the mind which have no physical resonance in the world, these scenes remain just within me, and every moment keep the search on for that being. That place perhaps resides only within me and only I can feel it imbue my being.

Whenever I close my eyes in solitude for a few moments, and try and feel myself, then no wonder how an infinite number of scenes come to my inner being and fill me with immense silence that quells the ever fluttering mind before long and just for those few drops of time, I feel like the landscape strung together from a palette of shades, that depicts the inner beauty of my own being.

In this painting I have tried to relive on paper through the medium of watercolours, the many moments from my childhood, filled with innocence, humanity and infinite quiet moments that which I spent within the lap of nature. Though It has all the influences of Indian classical music, Indian philosophy, Buddhism and theosophy to depict the thoughts of spiritualism and transcendentalism.

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