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  • Date: 2015
  • Style: Abstract Art
  • Theme: love
  • Genre: abstract
  • Media: acrylic, canvas, oil
  • Dimensions: 76.2 x 76.2 cm

This painting is a search for a home where a beautiful being resides. As Indian Philosophy succinctly puts forth the essence of life: All pains of human being reside in his/her body. The body of a human being disallows him/her to surpass immediate materiality; whereas the soul has an immense potency to go on a journey of eternity/infinity. In essence, this work of painting is an innocent attempt to reach and connect with my father’s departed soul resting in peace. This painting is made from blue and green colours. Blue and green respectively signify pain and spirituality. In the middle of the painting, there are signs of music that function as mediators. Next to this, there are tiny mud-houses, influenced by my memory of creating drawing in childhood. In a nutshell, this work of painting is a sincere attempt to capture on a piece of canvas the inner most feelings/thoughts of spirituality. As Bob Dylan would say it, “Behind every beautiful thing, there is some kind of pain.”

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