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Daybreak Whispering to Your Soul

Pratap Singh

Daybreak Whispering to Your Soul

Pratap Singh
  • Date: 2017
  • Style: Abstract Art
  • Genre: abstract
  • Media: acrylic, canvas
  • Dimensions: 137.16 x 182.88 cm

This painting is an attempt to depict the tranquillity that permeates the ambience just before the moment of a sunrise and through this silence and tranquillity there is a desire to attain spirituality.
'Whispering to your soul' is meant in a metaphoric manner. Spirituality which is a symbol for simplicity and succour is depicted in a minimal form.
With the morning rays of the sun sprinkling through the open window, mixing innocently with the breeze, I realize how beautiful life is, and I want to believe and be able to live in this beauty, and capturing this aspect, I try to begin the new day.
Are we able to express what we feel, just the same way as we are able to experience it? this painting seeks to bridge the gap between feeling and being able to comprehend that feeling. This painting has been rendered in blue and mild green colours. If blue takes us to a wide-open sky, the mild green is an attempt to link the sky to nature.
The influences of morning raga of Indian classical music's Raag Bhairavi and the soul and meditative thoughts of Indian philosophy can be seen. The main intent of this painting is to forge the connection of spiritual love to nature.

Keywords – Theosophy, Buddhism, essentialism, peace, spirituality, non - objective – Substance, abstract art, nature, love, kindness, humanity, meditative, contemplative, blue and green-yellow colour composition, soul searching calmness, pacifism, silence, daybreak, Zen, transcendentalism, color-field, abstract

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