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Pratap Singh

As being an abstract -colour field -non-objective -lyrical abstractionist with minimal form of representation and following the inner path of Zen -Buddhism -theosophy and living with nature -absolute spirit -peace ( pacifism ) and scientific ( optimal state of mind-body-soul ) spirituality-for-transcendentalism , temporality-of-being and cosmic energy . I eternally love the essence of the silence that perhaps we all have in our consciousness but in the presence of the sound of our day-to-day life we could not hear it properly and in my art, I persist to convey that silence through my inner consciousness.

Nature (THE BEAUTY OF THE OUTER WORLD) and interpersonal relationship (THE JOY OF THE INNER WORLD) are the eternal part of my creativity. And sometimes they both contradict each other to find a new meaning in my art and life, because the outer world is merely an impression of the inner world and the inner world is also an expression of the outer world. And as being a painter, I persist to convey my inner feelings through the outer landscapes.

Education: B.A.,ST. XAVIER'S COLLEGE, 2011, MUMBAI


MPhil + PhD (integrated),school of arts aesthetics, JNU, New Delhi , July -16to October 2016 (dropout due to following artistic career )

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