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Petros Malayan

Պետրոս Մալայան

Working mainly in the spectrum of portrait and compositional works, Petros Malayan also devoted some of his time to illustrative and printed graphics. He illustrated an impressive collection of books by Armenian as well as foreign writers. His art works are defined by precise drawing technique, a tasteful color palette and great taste in aesthetics. Whatever the subject, his works show refreshing excitement about contemporary life and his love for depicting the average ‘working-class’ man. He crossed many roads and byways, from Kadjaran on the Arpa-Sevan construction project, to the shores of Enisey and lakes of Siberia. Travel gave the artist new perspectives and impressions – with every new meeting and at every new point of arrival.

Throughout the 1950s and up until early 1990th, he successfully combined his own creative work with teaching at the Yerevan State Institute of Arts, giving lectures to young students on methods of teaching drawing, and on the importance of drawing as the base component of any art.

Petros Malayan’s works are exhibited in the National Art Gallery of Armenia, various museums in Russia, Bulgaria, Poland and can be found in some private collections. Artist’s collection counts over 300 aquarelles, portraits and graphic works. His first post-mortum retrospective exhibition opened in Yerevan, Armenia in 2002.

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