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A Peasant Family (The Holy Family)

Pavel Filonov

A Peasant Family (The Holy Family)

Pavel Filonov
  • Original Title: Семья
  • Date: 1914
  • Style: Analytical Realism
  • Genre: religious painting
  • Media: oil
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A Peasant Family, otherwise known as The Holy Family, is an earlier work by Filonov, but it still illustrates the artistic concepts that the artist would make explicit in his later teachings. One of the tenets of his “Ideology of Analytical Art,” the text that he wrote to teach analytical art to his students, states that the each time the brush makes contact with canvas, it records the inner psychical processes taking place in the artist. Therefore, the entire work is the full recording of the mind of the person who completed the painting. As such, this painting is more than a representation of a family, it expresses Filonov’s intellectual understanding and emotional awareness of the subject.

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