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Man and Woman (Adam and Eve)

Pavel Filonov

Man and Woman (Adam and Eve)

Pavel Filonov
  • Original Title: Мужчина и женщина
  • Date: 1912 - 1913
  • Style: Analytical Realism
  • Genre: religious painting
  • Media: brush, indian ink, pen, ink, watercolor, paper
  • Dimensions: 31 x 23.3 cm
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Filonov’s art was dedicated to his uncompromising ideals, which sought to observe and understand the underlying forces of human existence through art. His aim was to achieve a systematic understanding of the world and all of its inhabitants. As such, his paintings were not simply representations of object with meanings. They were manifestations of his theories and ideologies, they gave insight to his intellectual reasoning. This painting, depicting a man and a woman, or possibly Adam and Eve, illustrates the intellectual conjurations of the artist. The figures are not quite abstract, not quite representational. Upon looking into the painting, rather than looking at it, one can get a glimpse of the souls of the characters, and their influence on the figures around them.

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