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Aleijadinho Et Eius Proditores - Right Panel

Paulo Tercio

Aleijadinho Et Eius Proditores - Right Panel

Paulo Tercio
  • Original Title: Aleijadinho Et Eius Proditores
  • Date: 2014 - 2014; London, United Kingdom  
  • Dimensions: 120 x 50 cm

Aleijadinho Et Eius Proditores is an ultimate art piece tribute to Antonio Francisco Lisboa. The artwork painted by artist Paulo Tercio depicts not only the master of the Brazilian baroque as the main figure but also his companion Narcisa Rodrigues da Conceicao, far right, and his disciple Justino de Almeida, far left. The representation alludes to the soul-searing pain of betrayals Aleijadinho experienced whilst allegedly suffering from leprosy.

The original drawing sketch for this composition was made in May 2013. It was based on the frequent visits of the artist to his psychiatrist and psychotherapist. Nevertheless the transformed panel painting seen here in oil on gesso for an altarpiece came to life after a spiritual revelation from Aleijadinho himself. This event induced the artist to adapt the context of the art piece and change the figures giving the work its universal dimension.

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