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View on KNSM-laan in Amsterdam city

Paul Werner

View on KNSM-laan in Amsterdam city

Paul Werner
  • Original Title: Levantkade en het Mien Ruysch park, Amsterdam
  • Date: 1992; Amsterdam, Netherlands  
  • Style: Expressionism, Figurative Expressionism
  • Genre: cityscape, landscape
  • Media: gouache, watercolor, paper
  • Dimensions: 51 x 70 cm

This watercolor gouache painting is painted by Paul Werner from the roof of the former harbor store-building Loods 6 - over the Levantkade 1-5 and the small urban Mien Ruysch-park, along the KNSM-laan, in the old harbor area of Amsterdam city.
Paul Werner had his studio in Loods 6, together with a group of artists. He loved to paint in open air / plein air.

Owner of this lithography-print 1/2 on paper - including the copyrights - is the Amsterdam City Archives - Beeldbank Amsterdam

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