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Farm in Brittany

Paul Serusier

Farm in Brittany

Paul Serusier
  • Date: 1890
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Like other artists in the Pont-Aven School, Sérusier was attracted by the timeless landscape of Brittany. The work the museum has purchased is a fine example of Sérusier’s Breton style, in which he was influenced by the older Gauguin. The sloping meadow with a farmyard, a haystack and a few trees and stones looks primitive. Sérusier did not seek to render the scene realistically, but composed his own harmonious entity.

He captured the essence of the landscape with flat shapes in bright colours, surrounded by flowing outlines. The simplicity is further emphasized because the painter left the paint surface matt and unvarnished. After it was purchased, Farm in Brittany was restored and placed in an appropriate frame, reinstating the artist’s original intention.

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