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Naser Ramezani

ناصر رمضانی

Naser Ramezani, was born on july 1955, is a painter of his hometown, Guilan, and his culture. The nature and rhythm of life in Bandar-e Anzali, is his first motivation and teacher. Naser had started painting in his hometown, Anzali, then migrated to Tehran to learn more about painting from acclaimed and great iranian painter, Hannibal Alkhas. After that he returned to his beloved Anzali and never left it again. In his different era of his works, he drew different aspects of his city; fishermen, boats,The Caspian sea, The Boulevard (famous Park near the sea with peculiar architecture which people love it) and other elements of his hometown and his people. The expressionistic characters of his former works, followed by his later impressionistic view, make his painting unique, catching and piquant insofar as when you look at Naser's painting you see a sublime art work.

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