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Monique Orsini

Monique Orsini is a contemporary painter. She was born to parents who were teachers. Her father dedicated his spare time to painting, usually reproducing the works of famous artists. Since early childhood, Monique Orsini was naturally attracted by the visual arts, encouraged by a fatherly complicity at every instance. As a student, she participated in numerous artistic training courses, and came into contact with art in general, galleries and museums in particular. Self-taught, Monique Orsini will later teach the artistic disciplines and will start up many children’s studios. The artist will gain a lot of experience from these teacher-student experiences, integrating them into the syntax of her own creative vocabulary. Through the circumstances of her artistic life, she meets and becomes friends with artists, such as Karel Appel, Olivier Debré, Bram Van Velde, Hartung and Pierre Soulages. Bengt Lindstrom becomes particularly close, as the Swedish artist supports her and pushes her to show her work.

The artist currently lives and works near Paris.

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