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Little Train

Mira Schendel

Little Train

Mira Schendel
  • Original Title: Trenzinho
  • Date: 1965
  • Style: Conceptual Art
  • Genre: sculpture
  • Media: paper

This work is titled Trenzinho which means "Little Train" and it's one of Schendel’s most iconic works and one of the most emblematic sculptures done in Latin America during the 1960s. It's a series of papers hanging from a nylon thread that cuts across our own space figuratively forming a little train. They're devoid of any marks and are simply an accumulation of papers that carry a simple, playful connotation such as soaked hanging clothes. They even have a more complex poetic meaning such as silent veils or shrouds. At this time she's studying philosophy and theology and this work presents her own interpretation of the meaning of nothingness, of loneliness, of being alone in the world.

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