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La Baronne d'Oettingen

Leopold Survage

La Baronne d'Oettingen

Leopold Survage
  • Date: 1917; France  
  • Genre: portrait
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"A poet going by the name Léonard Pieux, a novelist known as Roch Grey and a painter known as François Angibout, the Baroness of Oettingen and her brother Serge Férat were introduced to Survage by Archipenko, As a patroness of apollinaire's review, Les Soirées de Paris, she received Cubist poets and artists in her Boulevard Raspail salon. On the back of an abandoned composition representing bathers, Survage depicts her at the centre of a complex stage setting combining Parisian facades and still life subjects where we find discreet allusions to the war (e.g. a rooster's head, silhouettes of soldiers)."

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