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Colonel Acland and Lord Sydney: The Archers

Joshua Reynolds

Colonel Acland and Lord Sydney: The Archers

Joshua Reynolds
  • Date: 1769
  • Style: Rococo
  • Genre: portrait
  • Media: oil, canvas
  • Tag: male-portraits, double-portraits
  • Dimensions: 236 x 180 cm
  • Order Joshua Reynolds Oil Painting Reproduction
    Order Oil Painting

Reynolds shows two aristocratic young men apparently taking part in a medieval or Renaissance hunt, in a composition deliberately echoing the example of the great Italian artist, Titian. It became fashionable in the later eighteenth century for young aristocrats to identify with the romantic, virile figure of the archer. Reynolds conjures up an older, more chivalrous era; the pile of game emphasises that they are not common 'foresters' but noblemen exploiting their aristocratic right to hunt.

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Sali (Tuesday) [2015]

  • Directed by: Ziya Demirel
  • Written by: Ziya Demirel, Buket Coskuner
  • Produced by: Ziya Demirel, Anna Maria Aslanoglu
  • An ordinary school day for a teenage girl in Istanbul and her encounters with three different men as she goes to school, plays basketball and takes a bus on the way home.

    Cannes Official Selection 2015
    TIFF Official Seelection 2015
    Sundance Official Selection 2015

    Produced by: Anna Maria Aslanoglu - Istos film (Turquie / Turkey) / Olivier Berlemont & Emilie Dubois - oriGine films (France)

    Director - Ziya Demirel
    Writers - Buket Coskuner | Ziya Demirel
    Producers - Anna Maria Aslanoglu | Ziya Demirel
    Cinematographer - Meryem Yavuz
    Editor - Henrique Cartaxo


    Melis Balaban - Asli
    Yonca Hiç -Ayse
    Can Karacayli - Ozan
    Zeki Ocak - Yasli Adam