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Felt suit

Joseph Beuys

Felt suit

Joseph Beuys
  • Original Title: Filzanzug
  • Date: 1970
  • Style: Neo-Dada
  • Genre: installation
  • Media: ready-made, wood, felt
  • Tag: clothing-and-textile
  • Dimensions: 170.2 x 99.1 cm

Beginning in 1965, Beuys began producing replications of his pieces, which he termed “multiples.” In an effort to make art more readily available to the general public, rather than rich art collectors, Beuys created over 600 editioned pieces of his works. Beuys created installation pieces because he thought that concrete works were more potent than the written word. In this particular piece, the felt suit hangs like an empty shell, and according to Beuys, symbolized protection from the world and individual isolation. In his view, art was not about portraying beauty, but about communication and freedom, and in this case used traditional materials in a non-traditional manner, calling traditional art into question.

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