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Natal Where Art School Is

John Muafangejo

Natal Where Art School Is

John Muafangejo
  • Date: 1974; South Africa  
  • Style: Expressionism, Native Art
  • Genre: genre painting
  • Dimensions: 61 x 86 cm

In this print Muafangejo details the environs of the school at Rorke’s Drift, where he was enrolled as a fine art student. The print captures the geographical features of the Buffalo River, the river crossing known as Rorke’s Drift, and the vitality of daily life in the area, with residents of rural and urban settings. Muafangejo’s use of text makes clear the historic divide between Natal (the province with the most forced removals of black people in South Africa during apartheid) and Zululand (the former territory of the Zulu Kingdom, renamed KwaZulu and designated for black occupation by the apartheid government).

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