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Composition allégorique

Jean Metzinger

Composition allégorique

Jean Metzinger
  • Date: 1929
  • Style: Cubism
  • Genre: allegorical painting

With the simplification of constructed forms, the use of components associated with the industrialized world in an increasingly mechanized society; Metzinger's Post-Cubism style needed not refer to the past, yet he chose to do so. It was the artists way of fusing the 'transient' with the 'eternal.' It was his way, in doing so, of rendering homage to the old masters (particularly Ingres, but also those artists of the Renaissance). Metzinger's representational techniques were effectively transformed by industrialization; something reflected the dynamic brilliance of Composition allégorique, as part of a fundamental reorientation towards a dynamic and changing world. The linking of elementary geometrical forms with inherent beauty, and the influence of a growing industrial production had been pragmatically codified by jean Metzinger. The appellation of 'avant-garde' was not to be solely left to the founders of Dada, Purism, De Stijl, Neo-Plasticism, Bauhaus, or to Surrealism. Metzinger then too had been an innovator.

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