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Jack Armstrong

Jack Armstrong

Information about Jack Armstrong's 7 Most Important Paintings:

1. Cosmic X #1
The First Cosmic 'X' ART. It's powerful Universal flow created Armstrong's revolutionary Cosmic Art ✨
Size: 24 X 36 In.

2. The Last Wizard
Armstrong's Largest Painting,
With extreme color, texture, with magical universal messages written throughout the piece. Signed with Jack & includes the title that Warhol gave him: "The Last Wizard". A seminal piece of Cosmic X Art.
Size: 6 Ft X 4 Ft

3. Warhol Naked
Perhaps the most famous work of "Cosmic X", along with the Cosmic Starship Motorcycle. Named for Jack's great friend and mentor, Andy Warhol.
Size: 24 X 36 In.

4. Cosmic Dream Star
The cover image of Armstrong's book "Cosmic X." An exciting interplanetary journey with both Jack and ''Cosmic Star Dream'' (written) on the painting. One of Armstrong's personal favorites.
A spectacular original Armstrong.
Size: 22 X 34 In.

5. Cosmic 1
One of Armstrong's most extreme colored & textured pieces.
Cosmic 1, takes the viewer into the Universe of Armstrong's
Cosmic X Art, an unforgettable journey from the finest contemporary artist in the world.
Size: 24 X 36 In.

6. Cosmic 'X' Paradigm
Armstrong's 'Final' & most complex cosmic painting. The artist refuses to describe it saying 'each' (viewer) can discover their own secret inside the painting.
It is universal magic on canvas. Armstrong says there are several paradigms in the piece and viewers can travel, into different dimensions & lifetimes as their consciousness evolves & connects with its art portals hidden in the painting.
Size: 24 X 30 In.

7. Space X
One of Armstrong's largest paintings & possibly the finest.
Space 'X' is both magnificent and priceless. Its Universal Flow is unmatched by anything else in the world. Armstrong says it's the same cosmic 'flow' in this century as The Starry Night was in Van Gogh's time.
"Whatever is written about the work, does not matter. It must be seen in person, as its experience will never be forgotten." says the artist.
Size: 36 X 48 In.

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