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Hilly van Eerten

Hilly van Eerten

Hilly van Eerten - Dutch woman-artist, making art-prints - started in 1986 her education in Utrecht at the School of Fine Arts. Here she followed lessons in painting and drawing, later in graphic print art.
Fine print art became her specialization during her last years 1990-1992.
Hilly van Eerten moved to Amsterdam in 1993 where she lives and works till now. Without any delay she started here to print on the Amsterdams Grafisch Atelier (AGA).

As starting independent graphic artist Hilly van Eerten made lithography prints on paper till circa 2000. She preferred this print-technique because printing lithography gave her many possibilities to put her colors painterly on the stone.
It was at this Amsterdam Print Studio that she discovered the possibilities of mono-type / mono-print, one of her colleagues there practiced. This print-technique enabled Hilly van Eerten to start with her own photos as visual basic material and to print them as a way of collage art.

Her style of mono-print was and still is rather unusual because the final result gives only one unique art-print: a mono-print. This is the consequence of starting the creative process with a pile of black-white copies of selected images from photos she made earlier. After selecting these visual elements in copy she arranges and combines them in the print process itself. It is really ‘collaging’ how she combines these visual elements by printing them in successive print runs, next to & over each other. By this way of creating each used copy got destroyed after one print-run - unique, unrepeatable art-prints.

This way of printing Hilly van Eerten started circa 2000, using a series of photos she took of the German border crossing Check Point Charley. These photos showed a mixture of buildings, texts, signs and construction activities.
By copying these images in black-white and cutting and pasting them, some photo-collages emerged gradually.
These photo-collages inspired Hilly van Eerten to transfer the images in print art. At first she mixed them in lithography prints but soon the monotype-technique suited her the best. She wanted to finish with a series of unique prints.
Also her photos of New York City Manhattan got transformed in prints in the same way. These unique prints of New York Gates became circa 2001 here first series of mono-types which pleased her.

Between 2001 and 2006 other subjects appeared in her mono-types like paving stones, roof tiles and fishing nets – all with its characteristic structures.
In 2006 The Urban Dutch City got a leading role in the mono-type art of Hilly van Eerten. Especially the construction sites and building pits in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague she found very attractive subjects for her collage print art, because of its dynamic transformation and the important role of the material aspect of buildings, streets and constructions.

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