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Memoria in Aeternum

Hans Hofmann

Memoria in Aeternum

Hans Hofmann
  • Date: 1962
  • Style: Abstract Expressionism
  • Genre: abstract
  • Media: oil
  • Dimensions: 213.3 x 183.2 cm

In Memoria in Aeturnum (Eternal memory) Hofmann remembers five American painters who died in their prime: Arthur B. Carles, an early American Cubist, and four other abstract painters—Arshile Gorky, Franz Kline, Jackson Pollock, and Bradley Walker Tomlin. Painted near the end of his life, Hofmann’s work is a tribute to the preceding decades of abstract art, incorporating a wide range of techniques that evoke the spirits of the departed: stains, drips, drawn-out brushstrokes, and smooth-edged geometric forms.

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