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Emil Grigoras


Emil Grigoras is a contemporary artist.
Born in Vaslui 1954, (Moldavian Region) of Romania.

Resident in Tarragona, Catalunya- Spain since 2001, he collaborates in several collective and individual exhibitions with artists platiques de Tarragona- Spain, United States (New York).
I studied Fine Arts- Painting, Sculpture in Danube school of Galati, current (Centru Cultural Dunarea de Jos Galati).

His mentor was the sculptor-Alexandru Pamfil, director of the Museum of Contemporary Arts of the same city.

His work is painting in continuous research and experimentation with all kinds of techniques and materials, in an artistic environment during the years 1981, decisively influence their works, their works evolving continuously, always looking for or the best symbolic expression changing by art abstract-figurative and spontaneous realism.

His art is wrapped in technique and color the stylization of floating figures in space that make this exquisite painting of freedom in its composition with extraordinary textures, works of great chromatic quality and intense visual impact characteristic of the artist.

Grigoras is one of our most representative Artists in Spain, has held more than 90 solo and group exhibitions.

The painting of Grigoras exhausts strength, and his style is of great personality which means that he has already won a place in the History of Art of the XX and XXI Centuries.

By Pompiliu Comşa - Director Journalist Journal Realitatea Galati, 9 October 2009.


Exhibitions - Individual - collective, local - international:

Romania, France- Paris, Germany, Italy, Spain; Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Tarragona, Principat d'Andorra, New York.

Member of the TARRACOART Cultural Association. Artists of Tarragona; collaborates in group exhibitions with different artists from Catalonia and the whole country.

Recognitions- Professional.
AICOA - Central International Archive of Art Objects:
Barcelona 4 August 2009

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