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Transfiguration of Christ

Giovanni Bellini

Transfiguration of Christ

Giovanni Bellini
  • Date: c.1487
  • Style: Early Renaissance
  • Genre: religious painting
  • Media: oil, wood
  • Tag: Christianity, Jesus-Christ, Transfiguration
  • Dimensions: 115 x 152 cm
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Transfiguration of Christ is a c.1480 oil on panel painting by the Italian Renaissance master Giovanni Bellini, now in the housed in the Capodimonte Gallery of Naples, Italy.

By this time Bellini had abandoned Gothic art and outgrown the influence of Mantegna. The picture shows a more relaxed style than his earlier Transfiguration. The work is signed IOANNES BELLINUS on a small chart hanging from the fence in the foreground. The leaves of the tree on the right, as well as the faces of James and Peter, are from a later restoration.

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