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Drunkenness of Noah

Giovanni Bellini

Drunkenness of Noah

Giovanni Bellini
  • Date: c.1515
  • Style: High Renaissance
  • Genre: religious painting
  • Media: oil, canvas
  • Tag: Christianity, Noah
  • Dimensions: 103 x 157 cm
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Drunkenness of Noah is a painting by the Italian artist Giovanni Bellini. It was finished about 1515. It is kept in the Museum of Fine Arts and Archeology of Besançon, France.

Noah is sleeping naked. The Cup and the bunches of grapes (on the foreground), and the vineyard (in the back) suggests that Noah is drunk. These three sons are represented at his side. Shem and Japhet (left and right) avert their eyes and cover their father with a red cloth. But Ham, the third son, laughs when he see his father naked.

The work refers to Genesis 9:20–23

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