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The Birth and Triumph of Venus

Francois Boucher

The Birth and Triumph of Venus

Francois Boucher
  • Date: 1740
  • Style: Rococo
  • Genre: mythological painting
  • Media: oil, canvas
  • Tag: Greek-and-Roman-Mythology, gods-and-goddesses, Aphrodite/Venus, female-nude
  • Dimensions: 130 x 162 cm
  • Order Oil Painting

Boucher’s popularity during his career was matched only by his artistic versatility. In addition to theatre costumes and set designs, tapestries, and designs and decorations for court celebrations, he also dabbled in gouache. This piece is one of only three gouache paintings by the artist. This piece, which was probably produced as an independent work, rather than as a study for a painting, bears a striking resemblance to another one of his paintings, Venus on the Waves. Boucher was a master at depicting idyllic classical scenes, and in this one we see his adeptness at portraying the mythical scene of impassive Venus, surrounded by nymphs and tritons, all paying tribute to the goddess of love.

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