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Love Parade

Francis Picabia

Love Parade

Francis Picabia
  • Original Title: Parade Amoureuse
  • Date: 1917
  • Style: Dada
  • Genre: figurative
  • Media: oil, canvas
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Picabia's mechanomorphic pictures suggest analogies between machines and the human form. To contemporary viewers they were scandalous in their rejection of the idea of the human soul and their emphasis instead on instincts and compulsions - both often erotic. In this work, Picabia blended male and female; the upper part in red might be considered female and the lower part in blue, male. The viewer can imagine the sound of hammering and the idea of a "sonorous sculpture," or a musical instrument. - See more at: http://www.theartstory.org/artist-picabia-francis.htm#sthash.xchIYynP.dpuf

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