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Giancarlo Ponce

Giancarlo Ponce

Reflect deeply on “The real and the unknown.” These elements come together to transmit what we do not know about the Universe that surrounds us. Furthermore, he communicates new theories about other scientifically illogical realities, and, therefore, freely explores his creative process and also interprets the emotional states of his personality.

With this, it transmits shock, curiosity and makes us aware of the existence of possible forms of life that go beyond our reality and understanding.

The proposal of his artistic work is based on extraterrestrial life, which manifests itself in strange environments.

In an unexplorable Universe that we never imagined those forms of life could exist.
His deep awareness regarding the size of the Universe is linked to his artistic sensitivity, thus transmitting emotions in the pictorial settings that he creates. His perception of reality is shaped by strange organisms.

His existentialist thinking is also reflected in his works and relates main themes such as: drama, hope, sadness, disillusionment and compassion. The above is combined with a mysterious and natural atmosphere.

The visionary artist creates these inhospitable environments in order to raise awareness and have a first contact with these beings
that he manifests in his paintings that were developed in the 21st century.

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