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Elman España

Elman España

Elman España (born February 1,1990.) is an American Model, Artist & Entrepreneur. He is most notable for his unique style of tattoos, Being a cover model for multiple romance novels, Being published on International & National tattoo magazines as well as his street tough attitude, genius level IQ & his successful self-made, self-branded merchandising.

Elman España is an American Model born in San Juan, Texas but was raised in McAllen, Texas a border town in South Texas. Elman attended school in the Rio Grande Valley and was most notorious for his gang affiliations in his early life throughout his school years he attended high school for two years before getting expelled for his behavior and gang affiliations.

Elman España first grabbed social media's attention gaining viralbility in early 2015 when a photo off the social media platform Facebook went Viral, He began a modeling career short after the photo became viral.In addition to the runway, Elman has been featured in a number of magazines both local and international. His photos have published throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Elman has graced the covers of multiple romance novels and magazines alike.

Elman began his career as a painter in late 2016 offering commissioned portrait paintings to his social media fan bases in a unique grunge pop art style which has captivated many people, portraits are done exclusively in acrylic paint on canvas. From 2016 to current 2020 it is estimated he has painted well over 3500 plus portraits making him the best selling portrait painter of all time to ever come out of South Texas.

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