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Early Sunday Morning

Edward Hopper

Early Sunday Morning

Edward Hopper
  • Date: 1930
  • Style: New Realism
  • Genre: cityscape
  • Media: oil, canvas
  • Tag: houses-and-buildings, morning

The painting portrays the small businesses and shops of Seventh Avenue in New York City shortly after sunrise. Hopper created this work based on an experience in Greenwich, NY, in which he takes an early morning walk. The painting reflects his deep interest in being alone with his thoughts. It's an ambiguous scene as key details such as road signs are left out - it could be anywhere in the United States. A barbers shop is the only sign of business or even any life within the area. This painting is an example of his striking use of light to create an ethereal mood. It is stark and efficient and conveys a sense of desolation, yet the lighting softens these characteristics.

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