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Chiara Magni

Chiara Magni

Early life and education

Chiara Magni was born in Italy in 1988 to Luca Magni and Loretta Podavini. Since childhood, Magni has gravitated toward a creative path, always looking for unique ways to express herself. She painted her first oil painting at the age of 9.

To pursue her passion, Magni started art school, but dropped out to pursue self-study and research, which included theoretical and practical studies of art. Over time, Magni mastered all the classic drawing and painting materials.


Magni’s paintings often involve Figurative art comprising vanishing points and uncanny shapes with strict color patterns. Her way of choosing colors is never random. It always comes from a lot of studies and planning.

The texture is another key element of her style, that irrespective of other factors has to be perfect and is chosen with precision. Her paintings are filled with bright colors and individuality with warm and colder tones together which establish an intimate feeling.


Gaining extensive knowledge of multiple painting mediums in her 20s, Magni chose oil painting as her medium of choice and has been using it ever since. She started her career as a painter in 2013.

She soon created a new style of painting to suit her unique sense and called it Bright Expressionism. It is a cross between Impressionism and Expressionism, made up of bold colors and textures.

Magni specializes in finger painting with oil painting medium. As a figurative artist, Magni is often inspired by her surroundings. She also finds inspiration in female models, which is highlighted in her work, depicting her innate tendencies and support for her.

Magni hopes to bring joy through her work to balance the existing violence and pain in the world. As of 2021, Magni has sold more than 200 paintings all over the world.

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