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Augustus Osborne Lamplough

Augustus Osborne Lamplough (1877, Manchester – 16 November 1930, Bromborough) was an English Orientalist painter and illustrator; known for his scenes of North Africa. Most of his works are watercolours.

He studied at the Chester School of Art. After 1898, he served as a lecturer at the Leeds School of Art. During this time, he travelled to Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, and other parts of North Africa.

He exhibited throughout the United Kingdom, and the United States; notably in New York, Philadelphia and Buffalo, at the Pan-American Exposition. Most of his early works are interiors and scenes of Venice. After 1905, he devoted himself exclusively to Orientalist scenes in subdued tones; mostly watercolors.

It was said that he painted everything as it would be seen within an hour of sunset.

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