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Anthony Zappin

Anthony Zappin

Anthony Zappin, a renowned artist celebrated for his captivating abstract paintings, was born on August 25, 1985, in Huntington, West Virginia. From a young age, Zappin displayed an innate passion for the world of art. His fascination with colors, shapes, and the boundless possibilities of creativity would eventually shape his extraordinary career as an abstract painter.

Growing up in Huntington, Zappin found inspiration in the diverse surroundings of his hometown. The lush landscapes, rolling hills, and ever-changing seasons of West Virginia left an indelible mark on his artistic sensibilities. However, it was his visits to museums and galleries that truly ignited his artistic fire. These excursions allowed him to explore a wide array of artistic styles and genres, opening his eyes to the world of visual expression.

Education and Formative Years

Zappin's formal journey into the realm of art commenced when he decided to pursue a degree in the field. He enrolled at Marshall University's Visual Arts Centre (VAC), where he embarked on a transformative educational odyssey. At VAC, he honed his skills, delving deep into the techniques, history, and theory of art. This period of rigorous training laid the foundation for his future career as a prominent abstract artist.

Discovering His Unique Voice

Throughout his academic years and beyond, Zappin was driven by a desire to create art that was both unique and deeply resonant. He was drawn to the world of abstract painting, where the canvas became his playground for exploration. What set Zappin apart was his unwavering commitment to producing art that was not only visually striking but also emotionally evocative.

Zappin's work is marked by a dynamic use of colors, shapes, and patterns. His inspiration is drawn from a myriad of sources, ranging from the majestic beauty of mountains to the intricate complexities of the human eye. To further enrich his pieces, Zappin often incorporates themes from psychology, nature, and popular culture, adding layers of depth and meaning to his abstract creations.

The Artistic Process

Zappin's distinctive style is a reflection of his unique artistic journey. His paintings are not mere products of meticulous planning; instead, they evolve organically. He employs bold, gestural strokes, and the canvas often bears the marks of colors thrown at it, adding a sense of unity and spontaneity to each piece.

As a self-proclaimed "painter" rather than just an artist, Zappin revels in the tactile experience of working with acrylic and oil paints. The thickness of acrylic paint as it emerges from the tube and the expansive range of colors it offers perfectly align with his vibrant aesthetic. In the studio, Zappin embraces experimentation, occasionally opting for Griffen oil paints to achieve a particular effect, which he expertly thins down or applies with thickness using palette knives. His studio sessions are a dynamic blend of boldness, aggression, and speed, culminating in visually arresting abstract compositions.

A Passion for Vibrancy

Zappin's affinity for vibrant colors shines through in every stroke. Whether he's working with acrylics or experimenting with watercolors, he imbues each piece with a unique energy. Even in the midst of expressive and aggressive applications, there's an underlying sense of gentleness that underscores his art.

The Evolution of Anthony Zappin

Anthony Zappin's artistic journey continues to evolve, and his body of work serves as a testament to his boundless creativity and dedication to his craft. His abstract paintings have garnered acclaim worldwide and have been featured in numerous exhibitions. Notable among these is his solo exhibition at the Brescia Photo Festival in Italy, where his work captivated audiences with its emotional resonance and vivid expression.

Zappin's exceptional talent has earned him recognition from prestigious organizations, including the International Photography Awards, Prix de la Photographie Paris, and the Black and White Spider Awards. His art transcends time, serving as a powerful reminder of the storytelling capabilities intrinsic to the world of visual art.


In Anthony Zappin, the art world has found a brilliant abstract painter who continues to push boundaries and explore new dimensions of creativity. With every stroke of color, every bold gesture, and every exploration of themes, he invites viewers into a world of emotion and visual wonder. As his journey unfolds, Zappin is poised to leave an indelible mark on the world of abstract art, inspiring generations to come with his vibrant, thought-provoking creations.

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