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Andranik Avetisyan

Andranik Avetisyan Ado

Andranik Avetisyan (Armenian: Անդրանիկ Հովհաննեսի Ավետիսյան; born 28 December 1968, in Gyumri) is an Armenian artist. The main subjects of his work include life, human relations, energy, space, and beginning.

He noticed a cobweb in the corner of the window in his studio. Then he had the idea to create a picture of a cobweb, and began to study the life of spiders, and the structure of their cobwebs. Afterwards, he began to breed spiders in order to use their cobwebs to create pictures. Avetisyan's works are made of real cobweb and this brought him fame almost instantly. He is the first artist who uses cobwebs for pictures (Cobweb art). Andranik Avetisyan was awarded the "New Talent and Creative Thought" prize at the Cannes International Exhibition of Modern Art, which was held in 2017.

Andranik Avetisyan says: "a cobweb in nature is a picture of energy making a connection among all the objects the universe".

His father Hovhannes Avetisyan was an artist and his mother was an housewife. He was taught painting by his father who had his gallery and studio at the same school where Avetisyan studied. He studied at the Art College S.Mirkurov from 1975-1979. In 1975, he started school and left in 1985. In 1986, he went to Gyumri State Pedagogical Institute and started his creative work at the same time. In 1987, he joined the army in the USSR frontier forces and stayed for two years. After his military service he resumed his education at the Gyumri State Pedagogical Institute.

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