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Guillemin anthony

The power of an image to expose another side of something we often overlook is what drew the visual artist known as AKET to first begin painting. Born in the north of France, AKET began teaching himself to paint from a young age, inspired by the vivid colors and dynamic imagery in comics and graffiti. Gaining the pseudonym AKET when he first began creating his own graffiti, years later as he began working on canvas, his paintings now bear the same signature as his street art.

AKET creates his distinct neo-cubist works both on canvas, sneakers, in murals, and even on American stock certificates. Taking an experimental, playful approach to his art, AKET often works with different mediums, including acrylic paint, Posca markers, cardboard box, and chalk. Influenced by the work of artists like Basquiat, Picasso, and Condo, AKET’s style is a fusion of street art and cubism with a modern interpretation. Using the heavy lines, cubism, and both abstract and figurative elements, AKET creates portraits that divide the figure into a series of boxes, highlighting the many unique aspects that merge together to make a single personality.

With years of work and exhibiting to his name, AKET’s compelling style has earned him a wide-ranging resume, both across France and internationally. AKET has exhibited work with The Alternator in Brussels, created work for exhibition with the Parody Gallery and We Gallery in Miami, and performed live painting with Galerie Sakura in Paris. True to his exploratory and innovative style, AKET continues to create new works that challenge the expectations of different mediums and the assumptions about what cubism can be.

AKET lives and creates from his home in the north of France.

The depth and complexity behind every person and situation inspire me in creating my art. Cubism feels like a natural method for visualizing the many layers that people have within. I look to daily life, whether through music or words, to find the hidden meanings and deeper feelings that we can easily overlook. Through using striking imagery and humor, I’m able to create a unique style that feels contemporary and familiar while bringing the classic style of cubism to the modern-day.

Whether in street art, working on canvas, or even on sneakers, I experiment with mixing different mediums, like acrylic paint and chalk. Through creating dynamic blends of different mediums, the older style of cubism becomes renewed and feels fresh to modern eyes. My research in choosing subjects simply requires observing everyday life, from scenes of the city to moments of quiet solitude at home.

Bringing a lively new perspective to everyday scenes offers people a chance to appreciate the ordinary and remember how complex and unusual even the most normal parts of our lives can be.

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