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Paul Gauguin

Eugène Henri Paul Gauguin

All Paul Gauguin artworks for 1st Tahiti period

A big tree

A big tree, 1891

Black pigs

Black pigs, 1891

Come here

Come here, 1891

Fire Dance

Fire Dance, 1891


Melancholic, 1891

The Three Huts

The Three Huts, c.1891

Arearea I

Arearea I, 1892

By the Sea

By the Sea, 1892

Head of a Woman

Head of a Woman, c.1892


Joyousness, 1892

Olden times

Olden times, 1892

Tahitian Eve

Tahitian Eve, 1892

Tahitian Scene

Tahitian Scene, c.1892

The morning

The morning, 1892

Two sisters

Two sisters, 1892


Vairumati, 1892

What's New?

What's New?, 1892

The dreaming

The dreaming, 1892


Alone, 1893