Le Pho

Lê Phổ

Le Pho

Born: 02 August 1907; Thanh Xuân, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Died: 2001; Paris, France

Field: painting

Nationality: French, Vietnamese

Art Movement: Post-Impressionism

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Artworks by Style


  • Woman on the Balcony - Le Pho

    Woman on the Balcony, 1938

  • The BathȘ Portrait of a Young Girl - Le Pho

    The BathȘ Portrait of a Young Girl, 1938

  • The Three Bathers - Le Pho

    The Three Bathers, 1938

  • Hibiscus and Birds - Le Pho

    Hibiscus and Birds, 1940

  • Still life with artichokes - Le Pho

    Still life with artichokes, 1956

  • Portrait of a Beauty Among Peonies - Le Pho

    Portrait of a Beauty Among Peonies, 1958

  • La Fleuriste - Le Pho

    La Fleuriste, 1967

  • Fleurs - Le Pho

    Fleurs, 1971

  • Still life with poppies - Le Pho

    Still life with poppies, 1975

  • The Birthday Cake - Le Pho

    The Birthday Cake, 1975

  • Girl with green scarf - Le Pho

    Girl with green scarf, 1982

  • Reading in the Garden - Le Pho

    Reading in the Garden

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